All that Creator Inspired does must work well and be profitable, although making profits is not the primary reason for its existence. It is a business of the people, by the people and for the people. Our foundation is Biblical values and our focus is Christ-centered to advance His Kingdom through involving like-minded economic role players and communities. It is a successful business focused on making a huge difference in people’s lives as we pioneer a new economic model.


To create a righteous, just and inclusive platform for Market Access like never before in South Africa by eliminating the transactions cost barrier to entry into the agricultural value chain so that all communities and all farmers can benefit and prosper.

  1. Honour our farmers and help them become debt free.
  2. Break the poverty cycle in rural and township areas.
  3. Bringing reconciliation between farmer and community.
  4. For our heavenly Father to bless and heal our nation.


A redemptive business that blesses others and breaks the shackles of economic slavery to set South Africa and Africa free for God’s glory to be revealed to the nations.

What is Creator Inspired?

  • A platform for enabling healing between food producers and communities, while creating optimal economic value for win-win situations.
  • A new initiative to ultimately get non-GMO nutrient-rich foods directly from the farmer to the people through a system supported by innovative IT and software.
  • A network of participating farmers, distribution centers (HUBs) and shops in all communities (including townships) to get healthy and affordable food to the tables of the people.
  • The beginning of creating an alternative economy as a safety net to eventually migrate to a truly inclusive economy that creates new job opportunities and more effective economic participation for all.
  • A digital marketplace that is safe and that accommodates the option of cashless transactions through alternative means.

Focus Areas

  • To give value back to the farmers and help free them from debt.
  • Breaking the poverty cycle in especially rural and township areas.
  • Dealing with racism and hatred by connecting the farmer with the community shop owner.
  • For God to bless and to heal our land and all its people (physically and spiritually).
  • Creating new niche areas in cities to unlock economic bottlenecks and build connections with opportunities in rural areas.

Action Steps

  1. Construct an innovative and effective business model anchored in the agricultural sector.
  2. Design a technologically-advanced trading system to handle countless transactions, etc.
  3. Start with pilot projects in strategic places to test and improve the model.
  4. Set up a network of HUBs/ARCs (Agriculture Restoring Communities) across SA in order to ‘farm to feed a radius’.
  5. Build a network of like-minded suppliers and sellers of healthy farming produce in communities. Better prices to the farmers and better prices to the consumers – at higher quality.
  6. Create opportunities for future farmers to be mentored by experienced like-minded farmers (‘fathers to the fatherless’).
  7. Invest in under-utilised land and use it productively, saving the farmer from debt and creating new opportunities for ownership through shareholding and a new banking system.