About Creator Inspired

What exactly is Creator Inspired?

Creator Inspired is a company focused on the value chain between the farmer / producer of food and the surrounding consumer community. We use state-of-the-art technology systems to make it most efficient.

Creator Inspired operates an online business e-commerce marketplace that list various products from local producers and allows registered Creator Inspired merchants to buy products from its platform. It also provides merchant and customer wallets for safe and easy auto settlements using a new mobile payment system called 2DPAY.

How do I create my own Creator Inspired account?

You can sign up for a client or merchant account on the Creator Inspired platform through various means:

  1. By downloading the creator inspired mobile app from the app store or;
  2. By filling in the online form or contacting us at info@creatorinspired.com or;
  3. By dialing the applicable account USSD string on your phone and perform a self-registration. The specific account USSD menu strings are below:
  4. For customer accounts USSD dial *120*1744*353# or for merchant accounts USSD dial *120*1744*355#

Do I need to link my bank account in order to use it?

You do not link your bank account to your Creator Inspired account. A wallet (digital account) is included with the mobile app for making cashless payments using the South African patented 2DPAY mobile payment system (http://www.2dtransact.com) in the Creator Inspired network or on platform. You are required to pre-fund the wallet before you can make any purchases.

Will Creator Inspired work on my mobile device?

Yes, there is an Android app, an XHTML app version for use on iPhones and USSD access for old non-smart phones.

Is it available in my country?

Creator Inspired is currently only available in South Africa

How it works

How does my account work on Creator Inspired?

When you register for an account you get a Creator Inspired digital account (Wallet) that you access through the mobile app, XHTML app or even through the USSD dial strings. Your account is linked to your mobile phone number and account profile (merchant or consumer).

To get an account you can do a self-registration from the mobile app or even from the USSD menus. The USSD menus for Creator Inspired are:

For USSD customer account access dial *120*1744*353#
For USSD merchant account access dial *120*1744*355#

Note: You cannot have both a merchant account and a customer account linked to the same mobile phone number.

How do I fund my Creator Inspired account?

Creator Inspired banks with FNB. Your mobile phone number is the unique reference number to your account on the system. You need to deposit funds into the Creator Inspired FNB account to allocate the funds to your Creator Inspired account.

The fastest and safest way is to set up Creator Inspired as a beneficiary on your bank system and perform an EFT to the Creator Inspired FNB account with you mobile phone as payment reference for example 2782xxxxxxx. The FNB account detail is:

  • Account name: Creator Inspired
  • Account type: Current.
  • Account number: 62875132781
  • Branch code: 210554
  • Bank Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

How do I make payments using my Creator Inspired account?

Creator Inspired uses an innovative cashless payment system called 2DPAY that is very convenient for both customers and merchants to use. Once you have a creator inspired account and you have funded the account you will be able to simply scan a QR code or type in a simple numeric code that represents a payment request made by the party looking to receive payment.

Creator Inspired is also registered as a 2DPAY merchant and will request payment codes from the 2DPAY system and present it to you by either displaying it to you online, printing it on an invoice or a till slip, send it on whatsapp and or any other visible way. Once you see or receive the 2DPAY code you can make a payment by safely responding to the code from within your Creator Inspired app or using the USSD menus.

The biggest benefit of the 2DPAY system is the anonymity, safety and convenience it offers. You will not have to set up beneficiaries on your Creator Inspired account because the 2DPAY codes are representing the beneficiaries already.

Your payment will end up with the merchant that requested the 2DPAY code.

Can I use my account for more than just making payments?

Yes absolutely. You can also do the following:

  1. Send value to friends using their mobile number. If they are not yet registered on the Creator Inspired platform they can easily self-register and receive the value in their account
  2. You can buy VAS from you account like airtime top-ups, prepaid electricity, DSTV payments and more.
  3. Merchants can easily request a 2DPAY payment code from their mobile apps or USSD menu and get customers to pay them with 2DPAY as well.

What is 2DPAY?

2DPAY is a proudly South African and globally patented cashless mobile payment system. It was developed to foster financial inclusion by allowing any value storing system (like wallets) and not only bank account holders to make safe and anonymous payments to beneficiaries based on simple numeric payment codes. The 2DPAY system also allows any entity to register as a merchant to receive payments and does not require any special POS equipment or devices. There is no card payment or card system involved.

The simplicity for merchants to request a payment  even from a USSD menu and receive a 2DPAY payment code back is a winner. The safety of the system is unequaled as payers only respond to a simple code from their mobile apps (In this case the Creator Inspired apps or USSD menu), no matter if it is a face to face or online payment. In fact the system is so secure and simple you can ask any other 2DPAY enabled account holder to pay the 2DPAY payment code that you received.

Since you are not identified or required to provide your pin number to or at the merchant you have peace of mind that your detail is safe and secure.